Some Ways That Church History is Relevant

The primary goal of the CHEF network is to be a blessing to “regular folks” by enriching their knowledge and appreciation of the history of Christianity.  One of the ways I hope to accomplish this goal is by providing some extended reflections on various aspects of church history that I find particularly relevant for contemporary Christianity.

Now, you will not be surprised to discover that my own social and denominational context shapes the things that I see as particularly relevant.  As a result, there are posts about universities and their origins in the medieval church, and about the Stone-Campbell movement of which I’m a part and which arose in the early 1800s on the American frontier.  But there are others as well that reflect different traditions, like posts about contemporary Catholicism and about John Wesley’s influence on small-group practices in many Christian groups.  No matter which ones you read, I hope you’ll find them helpful and thought-provoking.  Please feel free to make suggestions for essays you’d like me to write in the future!

I hope that these reflections will be a blessing to you — happy reading!

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