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The primary goal of the CHEF network is to be a blessing to “regular folks” by enriching their knowledge and appreciation of the history of Christianity.  One of the ways I hope to accomplish this goal is by providing some web links that might be interesting to you and/or relevant to your own thinking and exploring, depending on what you’re doing with church history.

I’ve got the links organized by time period, including the first two centuries, the early church (or “patristic”) period, the medieval church, the Reformation period, the early modern church (up to 1800), and the contemporary church (after 1800).  Each category is organized more or less chronologically, but you may have your best luck by simply cruising through each section, seeing what might be most intriguing.  And of course, you can search the website with the little magnifying-glass icon in the top right corner.

I hope that these links will be a blessing to you — and as always, don’t hesitate to leave a comment!  Especially helpful things would include any dead links and information about something you’d like to see added.

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