In the News: Medieval Church Buildings

Today I watched a brief video on the BBC’s website, accessible at this link (requires Flash).  The video was about the apparently popular phenomenon of camping overnight in medieval church buildings!  The Churches Conservation Trust (see this link) works to protect churches “at risk,” and they do so in a variety of ways, from sponsoring preservation efforts to hosting events at various places.  And perhaps the most unexpected part of their work: helping people camp out in churches! 

Of course, you might be wondering a couple of things: how long have these churches been around, and why are they so empty?  Well, the first question can be answered with this good (but a bit lengthy) summary of English church history, and the second may be understood better through this discussion of and this warning about the decline of Christianity in modern England.  It is a sad story, from the perspective of church history, but there is also hope, as this columnist suggests — not just in people preserving churches, but also in the continued work of new evangelists in the UK.  (Side note: if you want a nice gallery of English church buildings, this site should satiate your desire.)

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