In the News: Mary, “Our Lady of Guadalupe”

the_virgin_of_guadalupe_by_theophilia-d34s4k7Every year on December, Catholics all over the world — but especially in the Americas — celebrate the feast of Jesus’s mother Mary as “Our Lady of Guadalupe.”  Many of you, especially those from the American South or from Latin America, will have heard of this celebration and may be very familiar with it.  What you may not know is that the veneration of Mary in that way goes back almost 500 years, to the days of colonial Mexico.

This recent news story on NBCNews highlighted a particular way of celebrating Guadalupe in our own day, by describing and containing video of a group of ritual dancers called “Matachines.”  The news story describes a group of dancers from a church in Houston, but these kinds of dancers can be found throughout the Americas.


In case you want to know more about the Matachines, you can check out this link from the Texas State Historical Association.  If you want more on Guadalupe, check out this site from a pious Catholic perspective, or this book on her veneration from my former professor Max Johnson.

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