In the News: Lutherans in the Baltic States

Church history makes the news again!  This week it’s another story from Deutsche Welle, this one about the Lutheran church in the Baltic states (Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia).  The story concerns the lives of these churches under Tsarist Russia, the Soviet regime, and now the “new” Russia.  You can read the story at this link.

You may be surprised to hear of Lutherans in a place we typically associate with Russia or the Soviet Union rather than in Germany or Scandinavia; in fact, though, there’s a long history of German-heritage folks in that area (see this link for more), hence the presence of Lutherans!  In fact, when my wife and I lived in western Germany for a year, our apartment was in a building that had formerly been a boarding school for Latvians who had come to Germany to be educated, so there’s definitely a long history of association between the two regions.

On the church history side, though, this news story does a nice job of tracing the recent events, so I won’t elaborate.  I’ll just say that, if you want to learn more about Protestant groups in this area specifically, you can consult this link (a short encyclopedia article on the topic) or this link (a scan of a much longer book chapter).

Image credit: Alma Pater, from the original article, cropped here and in the thumbnail by the blogger

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