In the News: Christians in the 16th-Century Caribbean

Church history has made the news again!  Yesterday this piece appeared in FoxNews, describing the discovery by British and Puerto Rican archaeologists of Christian cave art on the small Caribbean island of Mona.  Given the long history of Amerindian settlement in the Caribbean, it is not surprising that these archaeologists found native wall paintings in the cave.  But what is interesting for us is that they also found Christian wall art, including crosses and Christian inscriptions, as you can see in the FoxNews story.

caribbean wall artNow, as the story says, this discovery does tell us some things about the history of Christianity in the Caribbean… but it doesn’t really say what it tells us.  However, this piece at goes deeper, also providing some really great pictures and reconstructions, not least the signature of a 1530s leader who seems to have “tagged” the cave with his name.  If you want to learn more, I can’t call upon my own expertise, as I’m not an expert in any particular aspect of this story.  But, in terms of online resources, I’d probably start with issue 35 of Christian History magazine.  If I were shopping on Amazon, I’d probably get a hold of something like this book to help me out.

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