The primary goal of the CHEF network is to be a blessing to “regular folks” by enriching their knowledge and appreciation of the history of Christianity.  One of the ways I hope to accomplish this goal is by periodically publishing curricula for church education classes or discussion groups.

These curricula will take various forms, depending on the material at hand.  For example, the first curriculum is based on Mark Noll’s Turning Points, a book that has 13 chapters and is therefore excellently structured for a church education class (13 weeks in one quarter of the year).  I’ll write one post for each week with an introduction, discussion questions, at least one link to a primary source, and at least one image that might be useful.  To access the set of posts on this book directly, click this link.

However, it is easy to imagine writing curricula for sources that are different — say, a resource of four to seven parts that discusses various eras of church history.  As I encourage my students to do when they are writing their papers, I will let “the data” of the resource guide my blogging.

Obviously, one of the main uses of these curricula will be to provide material for others who are leading their own studies.  But it will certainly also be possible to have discussions of our own via the blog comments.  Teachers, feel free to ask questions as you prepare to use the material, and I’ll do my best to answer as soon as possible.

I hope that these curricula will be a blessing to you!

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