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The primary goal of the CHEF network is to be a blessing to “regular folks” by enriching their knowledge and appreciation of the history of Christianity.  One of the ways that I hope to accomplish this goal is by pointing you to resources out there that can teach you more about church history.

Consequently, one of the features of this website will be to provide reviews of popularly-published books that focus on church history, so that you can learn more via a format that many of us love — books!  I won’t deal in what are called “monographs” — books focused on one singular aspect of that history — but rather in volumes that take a much broader view.  Also, as needed, I may consider things that become pop culture “hits” (think of The Da Vinci Code from several years ago).  The books that currently have reviews are:

One note: although I am a scholar of Christian history, these reviews are not aimed at scholars.  As a result, I will always attempt to focus on things that will be of most help and interest to the interested “everyday folks” who visit the site.  As a part of this aim, I will conclude each review with a summary list of “pros” and “cons,” and I’ll also give a link to the publisher’s site for the book, if you want to hear more from the ones who made the book available.

Happy reading!  Thanks for being here!

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