About the CHEF

Dissertation ShotMy name is David Kneip, and I am the founder of the CHEF and a professor of church history at Abilene Christian University.  I grew up in the Stone-Campbell movement of churches (specifically, the acappella Churches of Christ), and I remain a part of that movement to this day.  After being born in California, I grew up in Central Texas, and I’ve since lived in North Carolina, Indiana, Germany, and now West Texas.  My schooling has been a bit varied: I earned a bachelor’s degree from Duke University in theatre and English, a Master of Divinity degree from ACU, and then a Ph.D. from Notre Dame in early church history.  I have been teaching at ACU for the last six and one-half years.

One of the joys of my job is that every year, I get the opportunity to talk with undergraduate students, graduate students, church members, and other laypeople about the wonders and tragedies of church history.  I find the subject fascinating, and I love it when others do, too!  That said, I’ve also found that many people don’t know a lot about church history, and they wish they could learn more.  My desire to help fill that gap is part of what has led to the creation of the CHEF.  I hope you enjoy what you find, and that you learn something, too!

On the personal side, I am very grateful to be married to my wonderful wife of 13 years, and to be a parent to our two wonderful, elementary-school-aged daughters.  My family are glad to be members of the Highland Church of Christ, where we work with the church’s neighborhood ministry.