2016 Reading Group Schedule

OK, friends — here’s the reading plan for 2016.  We have a range of texts, from spiritual literature, to doctrinal treatises, to histories and sermons.  They’re all classics, and while I bet you’ve read some of them, you probably haven’t read most.  (Don’t worry: I’ve not read them all before, either!)

May God bless our reading efforts and our new year!


January: Justin Martyr (2nd century) — The First Apology and the Dialogue with Trypho

February: Athanasius of Alexandria (4th century) — On the Incarnation and the Life of Antony

March: Augustine of Hippo (4th-5th centuries) — On Christian Teaching (sometimes known by its Latin title De Doctrina Christiana)

April: Bede (7th-8th centuries) — The History of the English Church

May: Anselm of Canterbury (11th century) — Monologion, Proslogion, Why the “God-Man,” and maybe De concordia

June: Thomas à Kempis (15th century) — The Imitation of Christ

July: Martin Luther (16th century) — The Freedom of a Christian and The Bondage of the Will

August: John Calvin (16th century) — Institutes of the Christian Religion (selections)

September: John Bunyan (17th century) — The Pilgrim’s Progress

October: Jonathan Edwards (18th century) — Religious Affections

November: Phoebe (Worral) Palmer (19th century) — The Way of Holiness

December: Dietrich Bonhoeffer (20th century) — Letters and Papers from Prison

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